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Architecture for Humanity and UNICEF are working together to innovate schools and classrooms for children all over the world, scaling architectural innovation to a profound level. As of right now UNICEF and Architecture for Humanity are seeking design and engineering professional to help develop and build a number of educational facilities in West Africa. Their focus at the moment is in Liberia and Ivory Coast, but in the coming months they will look for candidates for Sierra Leone and Guinea. Working in partnership with local communities and the ministry of education, they will design and facilitate the building of two schools that will include alternative energy sources, water reclamation, connectivity, basic services, and play spaces.

In other Architecture for Humanity news, almost $35,000 has been raised for the rebuilding project for Myanmar/Burma since Cyclone Nargis slammed into the country’s southern tip. AFH has spoken with a number of in-country and ex-patriot designers about their strategy for long term rebuilding and have representatives on the ground in Rangoon. Given their available funding they’ve decided to assemble a design team that can focus on the rebuilding of one community that has been devastated by this horrific disaster. AFH is also giving preference to regionally based designers due to the high travel costs associated with getting into Myanmar.

Join hundreds of others and support AFH’s sustainable reconstruction effort, make a donation today by visiting: http://www.architectureforhumanity.org/donate


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Architecture for Humanity has decided to respond to the Cyclone Nargis that hit the heart of Myanmar (Burma), where government figures have reported 15,000 dead but reports claim it is now 22,000. Currently, more than a million people are displaced, and in the coming weeks many will be moved into makeshift tents and lean-toos.

If they are going to get involved and make local impact they will need to raise a minimum of $10,000 for an assessment team or a local team with international support. At that point they will see if they can help in the transitional and long-term phase.

If you care about what is happening and you have $10 or more to spare, please donate via the link below:


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