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Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman & CEO of The Blackstone Group, had this to say at a Japan Society Corporate Program luncheon about the role the rating agencies played in creating a perfect storm that led to the current global financial crisis. 

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Robert Feldman, Heizo Takenaka, Kotaro Tamura

left to right: Robert Feldman, Heizo Takenaka, Kotaro Tamura

It’s time to bring out the big guns and talk about the relative competitiveness of financial centers – Tokyo vs London vs New York etc.  At least that was the plan six months ago.  Now it’s more a matter of how to salvage a global financial trainwreck. Should make for an interesting discussion. 

Capital Market Competitiveness: Burnishing Tokyo’s Image in the Face of Global, Asian Challengers a Japan Society Corporate Program public symposium at Academyhills on February 12 – will feature the best and brightest from the US, UK, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. 


The event will be available as an archived webcast on the Corporate Program’s wecast page for those interested ex-post-facto.  (Daniel Rosenblum) 



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Being 7,000 miles from New York gives me the opportunity to watch the next Japan Society live webcast of our Corporate Program (usually I’m at the programs).

Curious to know what some of America’s top journalists have to say about the Obama administration’s geo-political and economic impact on Asia?

Then tune in for The U.S. & East Asia Under the Obama Administration on February 4th at 6:30 Eastern.

Panelists Mark Halperin, Editor-at-Large and Senior Policy Analyst for Time Magazine, John Bussey, Washington Bureau Chief, The Wall Street Journal and Howard French, Associate Professor of Journalism at Columbia University, discuss whether the Obama administration will create substantive change in the U.S. approach to East Asian relations.  The session will be moderated by Aaron L. Friedberg, Professor of Politics, Princeton University.

Go to Japan Society Corporate Program Webcast Series.

(Daniel Rosenblum)

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